Games of Small States of Europe


The EOC and The Games of the Small States of Europe

There are nine members of the European Olympic Committees with fewer than one million inhabitants. While each has unique sporting cultures and traditions, all nine share a special bond: sport makes a vital contribution to their national identity.

Upon initiative by the NOC of Malta, in 1985 the Association launched the first edition of the Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE), which was organised in San Marino. Since then, this multi sports event reserved for the athletes from the 8 countries of our continent with less than one million inhabitants, has taken place regularly every two years, with growing success.


The second games were organised in Monaco (1987), then in Cyprus (1989), Andorra (1991), Malta (1993), Luxembourg (1995), Iceland (1997), Liechtenstein (1999), San Marino (2001), then again Malta (2003), Andorra (2005), Monte Carlo (2007), Cyprus (2009), Liechtenstein (2011), Luxembourg (2013) and Iceland (2015).

In 2009, Montenegro became the 9th member country.

The 3rd cycle of the Games starts in San Marino in 2017, were they were initiated.

The 2019 event will be hosted for the first time in Montenegro.